Tuck’s Lament

Sneaking greedily off to the tavern
Just to capture one perhaps two glances
Knowing that more often than not…

Long days filled with body numbing labor
Quickened back to life with a moment
Caught in time suspended briefly…

Days spent chasing stones of strength
From the Dreghorn to the Lordly Scone
Dwarfed by the days spent without you…

Granite barriers pale in comparison
To the barricade that stands so firm
Between my bound and your free soul…


I love to compose a few poems end on end but then all of a sudden I have nothing to say. Errrgh.

Eden echoes in my body

Eden echoes through my body with beads of sweat dripping from my brow as I do work that seeming breaks my body down.

Eden echoes through my body as when I taste the sweet tongue gladdening juices from a ripe apple and fully formed strawberries.

Eden echoes through my body when I cast my eyes upon the love of my life as if she were drawn directly from my side and I touch her for the first time.

Eden echoes through my body as I try hiding from my Maker when each day I fall short of His glory.

Eden echoes in my body as look upon the handiwork of the heavens on a moonless night beholding the wonder of it all.

Eden echoes in my body as the weeds invade my garden choking out what I’ve spent weeks preparing and making me to start over again.

Eden echoes in my body as I approach the altar to receive the body and blood of my Lord Who was promised to crush the head of the serpent.

Eden echoes in my body…

Than ever before

Fair eye-caught maiden
Turning the darkness of night
To a poem so dear
With each misty breathe
A story was unfolding
The night’s chill removed
Showered in sweet words
With time stopped for a moment
All the world was right
There was more love made
In the frigid air right then
Than ever before

Points in Time

There are those times in one’s life that is so far above the daily affairs of men that you cannot but reflect upon them with growing intensity knowing that someway, somehow they have become a Baldric impetus, a Calliopean catalyst that is so primal, so fundamental, that one’s personality is truly altered for the good.  

softly passes on

“There are times in life that on chance encounters, one is left speechless and the capacity to articulate anything intelligent is so swiftly raptured away and all that is left is a moment that makes all of life stand still and a lifetime is lived in that moment with every emotion, fleeting dream, and deep desire culminating into the stillness and as this phantasm of the mind fades back into the turning of time a part of the soul quietly and softly passes on.”

Coram Pulchrā

I believe that I shall never ever see, a poem as beautiful as thee.

Far upon a mountain high, or the scent of a flower wafting nigh

Take heart darling when I say, there’s no where more I’d rather stay

But in truth we both know, remain here I cannot because I must go

Hic vir indomitus semper amabit tu,
en français, préférez si vous?